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I am a Social Purpose Teacher, enabling survivors of life-changing traumatic injury and illness to change their world. I help people of all ages and abilities to change their lives through learning new skills, or relearning lost skills. This may be in preparation for a return to work or education, including collaboration with Health Care professionals in the post-acute period; working with educational establishments before and after return to study; liaising with employers, over a phased-return to work, for example. For those not returning to work or education I can help clients develop new or existing leisure and community interests.

I offer one-to-one teaching to enable clients to learn new skills, relearn or refresh the skills needed to manage daily life, whether at work, in education, at home or in the community.

I offer memory system training for individuals and groups. This can be high-tech or low-tech, or a mixture of both, depending on individual choice.

I offer adaptable and innovative group sessions aimed at keeping safe, building confidence and resilience.

For those who wish to follow a course in the community or at college, but need extra support in class, I can provide support to individuals and small groups.

Enquiries are welcome from individuals , families, health and education professionals, community organisations and course providers.

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